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mind and life of a professional CS player <3

Pretty thrilled with how last night went so I will not be streaming live anytime I am playing CS:GO. I have installed the proper software so you will not only be able to watch my face, but also be able to see me playing in game :)

I will be streaming starting tonight so be sure to follow me right now on twitchtv!

So excited my official award came in today!

Be sure to stop by and purchase a signed card at 


‎”The Twin Galaxies Video Game Trading Card Set includes the history of the worldwide video game industry, documenting not only important milestones in video game history, but also honoring world record holders, iconic industry pioneers, noted video game personalities, contest winners, legendary events and the thousands of individuals and companies who, through their creative contributions, have given shape to today’s worldwide video game culture.”

My beautiful cards.

So excited and honored to be hosting the live CS:GO giveaway! Hope to see some of you there.